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● Front/rear access option

● Shutter module option 

● Extended to 3000 notes

● 3.5 notes/sec dispensing speed

● Roller friction dispensing

● Cassette ID detection function

● RS-232C interface

● Programme online upgrade function



● Kiosk

Product Specifications

Access type:                  Front/rear access option

Number of cassette:      1 cassette/2 cassettes/ 3 Cassettes option

Dispensing speed:        3.5pcs/sec

Cassette capacity:        1000 notes for each cassette

Note size:                       L:120~170mm, W:63~80mm, T: 0.07~0.18mm

                                     (Different currency can be set)

Cassette key:                with key / without key option 

Reject type:                  one by one reject

Reject capacity:            100 notes

Reject bin key:               with key/without key option

Near end:                       50 or 100 notes

Voltage:                         24V

Protocol:                       Wizmechatro type

Interface:                       Standard RS-232C(Emulation available)

Options:                        Shutter (Capacity 70pcs cash)

Weight:                         11Kg (1 cassette without shutter)

Humidity:                       Operation:5%~80%RH;Storage:5%~85%RH. Non-condensing

Temperature:                Operation:5°C~40°C;  Storage: -20°C~70°C

Dimension:                    291mm(L) x 186mm (W) x308mm (H)


Model Table